Needlecraft Cottage is an actual beach cottage, one of the oldest left in Pacific Beach. It was built in the 1920s, when PB was the place to go to get away from the hurly-burly of city life, and the road was built with planks over the sand. In this aerial photo of Crystal Pier circa 1927, you can see the cottage by going two blocks south (right) from the pier, then east (up) the two short blocks and one long block. The cottage is on the south-east corner of that long block. You can see we probably had a pretty good ocean view then!

From 1970, it has been a needlework shop of some sort and has increasingly focussed on yarn in the last decade. Liz Walters took over ownership in 2002, maintaining its affordable nature whilst bringing in higher-end yarns like Malabrigo and our favorite hand-painted Baah!. The shop carries Mill Hill stitching kits and supplies (you can either select us as the fulfiller from Wichelt's website or give us a list via phone or email of the items you wish to order), and an amazing selection of Alice Peterson's Stitch & Zip kits. She has worked hard to create a welcoming space for holding classes and just visiting. Most of the shop is devoted to yarn, but there are two rooms just for cross-stitch and needlepoint - kits, painted canvas, threads, blank fabrics and canvas, and notions. Needlepoint canvasses are currently heavily discounted!

We work with a variety of teachers who either show up regularly to help anyone who comes in asking for assistance, or have let us know days and times they would be willing to teach. They all have many years of experience in the skills they teach. Skills taught include knitting, crochet and tunisian crochet, felting, beading, and needlepoint, at all levels. The shop only provides room for the teachers to hold classes; they are not employees, so the students pay the teachers directly. We also have fibre-arts groups that meet in our classroom once or twice a week.

We pride ourselves on carrying quality, affordable yarns - no Red Heart or Caron! - in a variety of fibres and weights. All of our yarns have samples created by us, so we know how the yarn handles on the needles or hook. Folks are welcome to come in and ask for help with their project - if it looks like more than a simple explanation or quick fix, we will recommend going to a teacher - or even just come in and work on their projects. Our ball-winder and swift are available for making yarn-cakes from hanks, whether you bought the yarn from us or not; we'll even help you set it up.

On our website, we only sell yarn. We welcome browsers who call and ask us to hold yarn for pickup later, or ask if we carry stitching supplies. We are a Mill Hill order fulfillment center - we order every week, and you don't need to order through their website. Feel free to email or call us to order.

Come on by and check us out! (Just not on Wednesdays.) Thank you!